Patients undergoing any type of surgery, including Gastrointestinal surgery, need to know as much as they can about the surgery they are about to undergo to avoid anxiety. Gastrointestinal surgery involves the diagnosis and treatment of parts that make up the human digestive system, including appendicitis, colon cancer, gallbladder disease, and hernia. DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery in Dallas is known for providing Gastrointestinal surgeries that deliver the best outcomes. To help, this blog answers some of the frequently asked questions about Gastrointestinal surgery. Read on.

What’s the difference between a Gastroenterologist and GI Surgeon?

Gastroenterologists and GI surgeons work together closely. A gastroenterologist is a medical doctor who then does specialized training focusing on the GI tracts. They perform procedures with an endoscope to look at the stomach or colon using a small camera. A GI Surgeon is a surgeon who focuses on dealing with pathology throughout the GI track, and often removes or re-routes portions of the GI tract depending on the situation.

What can I expect during the first GI Surgery appointment?

The first visit to a gastroenterologist is the most important and can be a bit overwhelming. You will be required to provide as much information about your illness as you can. The information includes: when the symptoms started, how you feel and the type of medication you have been taking. An CT scan or Ultrasound results may also need to be reviewed.

Are there any risks or side effects?

Like any type of surgery, Gastrointestinal surgery is no exception when it comes to having a few potential risks and side effects. Although these operations are performed through small incisions most commonly, risks include infections, bleeding, blood clots, damage to other body parts, and in some cases, a negative reaction to anesthesia.

How do I prepare for GI surgery?

Preparations prior to surgery may differ according to the recommendations of a GI surgeon and a patient’s condition. In most cases, your doctor will give you instructions on what to do, mostly concerning eating and drinking before the surgery. The best preparation one can do is to follow such instructions carefully. A pre-surgery examination by a GI surgeon in Dallas TX goes a long way ensuring the desired outcome.

The Last Word

When you are visiting a gastroenterologist for the first time, the experience can be a bit overwhelming. You may need the support and company of friends or family. If you are considering gastrointestinal surgery in Fort Worth TX, or wish to discuss whether or not the surgical procedure is suitable for you or your loved one, our team of specialists at the DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery are here to help. Book an appointment by simply calling 469-620-0222. You can also fill out our contact form.