Panniculectomy Surgery Dallas, Fort Worth

Dr. Sachin Kukreja, along with esteemed panniculectomy surgeons Dr. Elizabeth Hooper and Dr. Rebecca Barr at DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery in Dallas, specialize in the transformative procedure of panniculectomy surgery. Our team is dedicated to offering patients relief from the discomfort and health issues associated with excess abdominal skin and tissue, employing advanced minimally invasive techniques for optimal outcomes. We are proud to provide top-tier panniculectomy surgery in Dallas, TX, leveraging our extensive experience to help countless individuals achieve a renewed sense of well-being.

What is Panniculectomy Surgery?

Panniculectomy surgery is a specialized procedure designed to remove the pannus, which is an excess layer of skin and fat that often hangs from the lower abdomen. This condition can develop after significant weight loss, following pregnancy, or as a result of other changes in the abdominal area. The presence of a pannus can lead to various physical discomforts, hygiene challenges, and skin infections. The goal of panniculectomy surgery, performed by skilled surgeons like Dr. Sachin Kukreja, Dr. Elizabeth Hooper, and Dr. Rebecca Barr in Dallas, TX, is to alleviate these issues by removing the excess tissue, thereby improving the patient’s quality of life.

Types of Conditions Treated with Panniculectomy Surgery

  • Post-Bariatric Surgery: Significant weight loss after bariatric surgery often leaves excess skin, primarily in the lower abdomen.
  • Post-Pregnancy Changes: Following pregnancy, the abdominal area can have lingering excess skin and fat that diet and exercise alone cannot address.
  • Aging: Natural aging can lead to loss of skin elasticity and the development of a pannus.
  • Massive Weight Loss: Individuals who have lost a significant amount of weight through diet and exercise may have excess abdominal skin.
  • Abdominal Hernia Repair: Panniculectomy may be performed in conjunction with hernia repair to remove excess skin and reduce the risk of recurrence.

Who Needs Panniculectomy Surgery?

Not every individual with excess abdominal skin and fat requires panniculectomy surgery. Typically, candidates for this procedure include those who experience physical discomfort, hygiene issues, or skin infections due to the overhanging skin, known as the pannus. This condition is often seen in patients who have undergone significant weight loss, either through bariatric surgery or lifestyle changes, as well as post-pregnancy women struggling with excess abdominal skin that does not respond to diet and exercise. Over time, the pannus may increase in size or lead to further complications, making daily activities uncomfortable or challenging. It’s crucial to consult with a panniculectomy surgeon in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, recognized for their expertise in panniculectomy surgery, to determine the most appropriate course of action based on your specific situation and health goals.

What We Do

At DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery in Dallas, Dr. Sachin Kukreja, Dr. Elizabeth Hooper, and Dr. Rebecca Barr excel in panniculectomy surgery. Our approach, while tailored for each patient, focuses on minimizing scarring and optimizing recovery. Panniculectomy, essential for patients with significant weight loss or post-pregnancy changes, is performed with precision to enhance both function and aesthetics. Our commitment is evident in our careful planning and personalized aftercare for every panniculectomy surgery in Dallas, TX.
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