Bariatric surgery

When buying a product or service, we all want to understand as much as possible about what we’re purchasing, in almost every situation. It’s not necessary for you to be informed at the professional level. If you’re an individual working with your medical professional to plan bariatric surgery Dallas, you should dedicate some time to understanding your options and what they can achieve for you. On that note, we present an overview of various bariatric procedure in this blog post. Read on.

Types of Bariatric Surgery

There are five types of procedures for weight loss, often referred to as bariatric surgery. Each has distinct advantages, which you should discuss with your professional before making a final decision. The options are:

  • Gastric balloon: Also helps you feel full sooner (temporarily). The balloon is usually removed after six months
  • Lap-Band®: Feel full sooner while eating. This procedure, and gastric bypass are commonly heard in non-professional conversations
  • Gastric sleeve: You should feel less hungry after this surgery, and feel full more quickly during meals
  • Gastric bypass: A procedure many people have heard about, which also helps you feel full sooner and absorb less food
  • Duodenal switch: Similar results as those above, though you may absorb fewer minerals and calories from your meals

Discuss all of these options with your bariatric surgery Dallas TX specialist to make sure you select the option that works best for your personal needs.

Losing Weight

Each surgery process is intended to help you lose weight, of course. You might want to discuss the methods to also help you improve overall health. Statistics from the medical community indicate individuals will lose about 25% of their excess weight (minimum) with potential to lose 90% of the excess weight.

These results vary with specific procedures, though you should reach your objective (lowest weight) in about a year to 18 months.

In terms of improvement of overall health, the duodenal switch method produces the best results. Some medical professionals choose this process or other operations such as sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass for patients who are not morbidly obese, but are trying to deal with other health issues, such as diabetes.

Wrap Up

Bariatric surgery can be ray of light for those who are unable to lose weight despite their best efforts. It’s essential for you to discuss all the details with a bariatric physician to ensure that the procedure is right for you. If you have been thinking of gastric bypass surgery as a solution to your weight loss and health issues, speak with one of the bariatric specialists at DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery. Book an appointment online or simply call 469-620-0222.