Staying healthy is a goal most people have. You exercise a few times a week. You keep a balanced diet with the right foods. You are careful when you splurge. You do everything in moderation, and nothing seems to work. Those pesky ten pounds do not want to go away. Have you tried the following four things?

Hydrotherapy In A Hot Tub

You use the hot water to treat everything from sore muscles to stress. Did you know that stress can pack on the pounds? You sit in a hot tub for a half hour or less. The water takes care of what ails you, relaxing and soothing your muscles. It is a medical treatment that has been used for centuries. It has also been known to help relieve medical issues like arthritis.


Coffee helps control your appetite so while just drinking it won’t necessarily do much to help you lose weight, there is a lot to be said about the way it suppresses any overeating urges you might be having. And of course, being an energy booster, it can definitely help with motivating you to start exercising more regularly, especially since it might stimulate you even more during your routines.

Cooking Your Meals

This shocks a lot of people, but preparing your meals does help you to lose weight. Restaurants serve a lot of foods high in fats and calories, particularly, fast food places. They are not as healthy as you think. That is why it is better to cook more of your meals at home.

Cooking your meals gives you full control. You can decide how many vegetables you want in your casserole. This is an excellent idea for parents. Your kids learn the difference between good and bad foods at an early age. You can also burn 2-3 calories as you cook dinner. Dinners you can cook at home include burgers, fries, fish, beef, and pork. These are also items you can find in a fast food place. The only difference is your home cooking is going to be healthier.


Protein is your friend. Items like milk, eggs, broccoli, nuts, fish, cottage cheese, oats, and chicken are examples of foods high in protein. Protein helps to rebuild skin tissue, repair blood cells, helps with hormone growth and helps a person lose weight. Men need 56 grams of protein, per day. Women need 46 grams of protein.


You can be an unconventional conventionalist when it comes to losing weight. One small step can make all the difference. Focusing on the small steps each day is going to help you obtain your goal in a reasonable amount of time. Of course, unless you’ve tried all of the above and more, there are other helpful methods to help you lose weight, just be sure to always consult your physician about it.