All About Hernias and How To Deal With Them

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Hernia is a condition whereon a tissue or part of an organ obtrudes out through a tear or weak muscle. It is a common problem in many adults around and after 50 years of age but can also occur in younger people. It is sometimes harmless and pain-free but in many cases can lead to […]

A Brief Guide to Surgical Treatment of Hernia

The word hernia means ‘something coming through’. The condition is characterized by a swelling in the body, which develops when an organ or tissue pushes against a weak tissue or opening in the muscle. Hernias, over time, tend to worsen and require immediate intervention. Because this is a mechanical condition, surgery is the only treatment […]

An Aftercare Guide for Hernia Surgery

Undergoing any surgical procedure can be overwhelming, and the same can be said about hernia surgery. If you have been experiencing abdominal pain accompanied by a bulge or swelling, it could be a case of hernia and you should contact one of our experienced hernia surgeons at the DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery of Dallas. […]