If you have explored all the avenues for weight loss without any success, weight loss surgery it may be time you start considering interventions such as Gastrectomy weight loss surgery. Usually, the word “surgery” raises panic due to issues such as the costs involved, the time required to recover from surgery, and the side-effects that may show up post-op. Although vertical sleeve gastrectomy procedures & techniques result in rapid weight loss, the big question is, ‘are they worth the costs and risks (if any) involved?’ To help answer that question, this blog looks at 3 things you should know when considering gastric sleeve surgery.

What is Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

In gastric sleeve surgery, doctors remove 80% of the stomach and stitch the remaining parts together, creating a banana-shaped stomach called ‘the sleeve’. The remaining 20%, which now acts as the stomach, gets full a lot quicker than before. After the procedure, patients are unable to consume the same portion sizes as before, which is extremely helpful in losing weight. This procedure is performed under general anaesthesia using a laparoscope – a long and thin tube that has a tiny camera and a light.

1. You Get Fast Recovery

As the procedure involves using a laparoscope, it requires minimal incisions in the abdomen. The entire procedure lasts about an hour, and once completed, the patient usually wakes up within the next hour. Small incisions require less time to heal, and patients recover way faster than from any procedure that needs large incisions. Patients are allowed to go home within 2 – 3 days unless there are some complications during the procedure.

2. You Should Commit to Lifestyle Changes

Even though gastric sleeve surgery results in optimal weight loss, it requires the patient to commit to a new lifestyle. These changes help ensure that they reach their weight loss goal and avoid any relapse. Patients have to limit the consumption of unhealthy food and alcohol for the rest of their life. Post-surgery, they can only consume limited food portions, which may lead to nutrition deficiencies. Patients will have to supplement their diet to ensure that they meet their nutritional needs. Talk to our Gastrectomy Weight Loss Surgery experts in DFW to know the dietary changes you have to make post-surgery.

3. It is Covered by Insurance

In Dallas, Texas, most health insurance companies recognize the health risks that come with obesity. Consequently, most of them pay for vertical sleeve gastrectomy procedures & techniques if the patient has qualifying conditions. The Centres of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) dictates that anyone with a BMI of more than 34 and one or more obesity-related conditions that faces difficulty losing weight through a change in lifestyle and medication can claim insurance to cover surgery. You can talk to our experts to know if you qualify for Gastrectomy weight loss surgery insurance in DFW.

The Last Word

Gastric sleeve surgery is the way to go if you want to achieve results in a minimal amount of time. It offers numerous benefits, including quick recovery and insurance cover (in some cases). It is important to commit to a healthy lifestyle to record enduring weight loss results. For more information on Gastrectomy weight loss surgery in Dallas-Fort Worth, call 469-620-0222 or email [email protected].