Obesity is a globally increasing health concern, which also explains the reason why an increasing number of people are turning to gastric sleeve surgery in Dallas, TX, and other places. The surgery not only helps alleviate obesity-induced everyday struggles, such as body pain, fatigue, limited mobility, it also helps reduce and manage comorbid conditions such as type-2 diabetes and hypertension. The procedure involves reducing the size of the stomach, which limits the amount of food an individual can consume and the nutrients absorbed by the body, facilitating weight loss. Continuing on the subject, in this post, we present five reasons to undergo gastric sleeve surgery.

1. Increased Lifespan

According to numerous population studies, people with severe obesity who undergo gastric sleeve surgery have an increased lifespan compared to those who do not. The mortality rate associated with gastric sleeve surgery in Dallas, TX is incredibly low. Some studies suggest having a sleeve gastrectomy is even safer than having your gallbladder removed.. This is especially true when you consider many of the patients affected by severe obesity have one or more severe illness and are of poor health at the time they are having the surgery. The operation is less risky compared to other surgeries, and because of it, the patient is able to alleviate themselves from the severe health troubles of severe obesity.

2. Relief from Depression

Most obese individuals suffer from depression due to social stigma as well as poor body image. Younger individuals who are carrying excess weight frequently struggle to partake in activities they would have otherwise enjoyed, and this results in depression and social isolation. Fortunately, having a gastric sleeve surgery in Fort Worth, TX helps these persons shed off the excess weight leading to an improved emotional state.

3. Sustainable Weight Loss 

Patients who have undergone gastric sleeve surgery in Dallas, TX, report a long-term success in weight loss. Most recent studies show that over 90 percent of persons who were suffering from severe obesity maintain their excess weight by 50 percent or more after having the surgery. This is adequate proof that the impact of the operation will be realized for an extended duration, going to show why it is essential.

4. Reduced Risk of Comorbid Disorders

Weight loss surgery helps an individual alleviate several health complications caused by being overweight. Some of these complications include peripheral heart disease, stroke, coronary heart disease, pregnancy complications, and gallbladder infection or gallstones. Recent studies suggest that gastric sleeve surgery in Fort Worth, TX, helps in the long-term remission of diabetes type 2, alleviate metabolic syndrome, and improve a person’s fertility.

5. Improved Quality of Life 

Gastric sleeve surgery results in the overall improvement in the patient’s quality of life. The numerous measures of quality of life which this surgery positively affects include sexual function, social and work interactions, mobility as well as self-esteem. It also dramatically reduces disability, unemployment, anxiety, singlehood, and depression.

The Final Word

Being overweight does not just affect a person’s physical well-being but also their emotional state. Because of this, these individuals need to consider undergoing a gastric sleeve surgery in Fort Worth, TX if they want to shed of all the numerous side effects that come with being overweight. If you or a loved one has been struggling to lose weight despite trying every possible measure in the book, speak with one of the specialists at DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery of Dallas to learn more about gastric sleeve surgery and other bariatric procedures. Book an appointment online or call us at +1-469-620-0222.