Benefits of the Accordion Procedure (Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty)

The accordion procedure is one of the tools weight loss doctors are turning to in an effort to stem the obesity pandemic. Bariatric surgeries continue to prove their worth in the fight as they help thousands of people reclaim good health and enjoy a better life expectancy. The accordion procedure is a minimally-invasive procedure that is great for patients with a lower Body Mass Index (BMI) for whom surgery may not be the best solution and those that prefer a non-surgical route to weight loss. The procedure mimics a sleeve gastrectomy while eliminating the need for surgical incisions. There are many reasons why the accordion procedure is part of the gold standard when it comes to weight loss solutions. Here is a look at some of the benefits associated with the accordion procedure.


A recently developed procedure, ESG brings a lot of benefits for people looking to shed excess weight. Consult a general surgeon in Dallas or Fort Worth to discuss if you are an ideal candidate for ESG. Some of the benefits of the accordion procedure are:

  • The procedure is performed through the mouth without the need for any incisions
  • It is a simple outpatient procedure that is completed the same day
  • It leaves no scars
  • The procedure may be an effective way to manage health conditions related to obesity such as type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea.
  • Results in significant weight loss over a period of five years when compared to traditional approaches like diet and exercise.
  • Helps improve mobility
  • The procedure involves low risk when compared with other alternatives
  • It is affordable
  • The natural digestion process is not altered
  • Delivers sustainable results when followed up with regular medical follow-ups and behavioral change.

Last Word

The accordion procedure is not appropriate for patients with a large hiatal hernia or conditions such as peptic ulcers and gastritis which are associated with gastrointestinal bleeding. It may be best for patients wishing to lose 40-60 pounds. The team at DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery in Dallas help hundreds of patients achieve their weight loss goals every year through interventions such as the accordion procedure. When looking to undergo weight loss surgery in Dallas or Fort Worth in Texas, get in touch with us to discuss your options with a seasoned weight loss doctor and get answers to all your questions. Call 469-620-0222 or reach us at [email protected].