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Did you know the average Obalon patient loses between 20-30 pounds? For some people, that’s just enough, for others, it’s not enough.

Our average patient loses 28 lbs (We track all of our data because we care about our patients and their outcomes). That’s a few pounds higher than the national average! We’ve seen 40 lbs of weight loss and our “Biggest Loser” lost 60 lbs in the six months before the balloons were removed.

By placing three separate balloons at a minimum of 2-week intervals, we see slow, steady weight loss over the first few months.

Here’s a quick video to explain this in more detail.

Special Pricing From Now Until Dec 2018

  • Obalon Balloons are on special – $1,000 off
  • Balloons pricing will include a Body Composition Analysis at each Balloon placement and just before removal
  • Metabolic Rate analysis at the first Balloon placement

What do YOU have to lose?

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Remember, we’re proud to offer meal replacements, medications, balloons, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty, and bariatric surgery so that your weight loss can be tailored to you!


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Did you know?

We have dieticians that can work with you. Some of you need them, some of you don’t. Some feel that they need the teaching, others the accountability, others simply do well with an app like “My Fitness Pal” or “Lose It.” When you get the Obalon Balloon system, you get as many as 3 Obalon Balloons. Each one contains 250ml of Nitrogen gas – weighing lighter than a dime. Despite how light they are, I’ve stood on an inflated one and it wouldn’t pop! Yes, they are that durable.