Band to Bypass – Revision

Lap band surgery, also called gastric band surgery, is performed to reduce the size of the stomach pouch, thereby reducing the appetite and triggering weight loss. The procedure is known to produce significant results for individuals struggling to lose excess weight. In some cases, though, individuals may experience complications and inadequate weight loss than what is generally expected post surgery. That’s when a band to bypass revision is performed. It is a safe procedure and can offer improved health outcomes for individuals suffering from complications or inadequate weight loss.

How it’s Done

Conversion from lap band to gastric bypass is performed by a minimally invasive, laparoscopic method. The laparoscopic technique used for band to bypass conversion is known as ‘keyhole technique’ and it is a one-stage procedure – removal of the lap band and bypass would be performed at once. In some cases, though, the procedure may become two-stage depending on the scarring of the lap band, if any.

Why Choose Band to Bypass Revision

Complications caused by lap band surgery such as heartburn, band slippage, food intolerance, or inadequate weight loss can all be combated by means of band to bypass revision. The advantages of a band to bypass revision include:

  • Improved Quality of Life: The gastric bypass procedure leads to immediate reduction in appetite and doesn’t result in a host of unpleasant complications.

  • Accelerated Weight Loss: Compared to lap band procedure, gastric bypass is known to produce greater weight loss.

  • Reduced Risk of Comorbidities: Risk of comorbidities associated with obesity, such as type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure, can be eliminated through band to bypass revision.
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