A hernia is a condition that affects many people yet very few know what it is and why it is crucial to regard it as a serious issue. Many times, people get confused between a hernia and a tumour.  Thus, it is important to know what hernia is and who is at most risk of getting it. Hernia surgeons in Fort Worth, Texas help people with hernia issues through minimally invasive surgery. Weight loss can also decrease the pain and even reduce the size of the hernia bulge to a point where patients no longer need surgery.

What is Hernia and Who Can Get it?

The small and large intestines and the urinary bladder are some of the vital organs contained inside the abdominal cavity, all surrounded by abdominal muscles. When faced with weak abdominal muscles, these organs can sometimes protrude forming a bulge known as a hernia. Usually, the patient gets to know of this development through pain. However, sometimes there is no pain and the doctor might diagnose it while examining the patient for other ailments.

Common Causes

Any hernia indicates weakness in the muscles that may be congenital or acquired because of lifestyle or any major surgery. Severe cough/sneeze spasms may trigger an inguinal hernia. Lifting any kind of heavyweight without first tightening or stabilizing the muscles may also cause a hernia. Those that are most at risk of getting a hernia include obese people or those leading a sedentary lifestyle which contributes to lax muscles. The classification of hernia is based on the location in the abdomen such as inguinal hernia (groin), umbilical hernia (belly bottom), and a hiatal hernia (diaphragm).

How to Prevent Hernia?

The best way to prevent any occurrence of hernia is to ensure strong muscles in the groin and abdominal area. This is achievable through a balanced diet with good nutritional value, avoiding excess consumption of tobacco and alcohol, losing excess weight, and regular exercise. If you want to lose your excess weight and minimize your chance of getting a hernia, discuss your suitability and available options for weight loss surgery in Dallas. The minimally invasive route is always the best (when possible) owing to the numerous advantages.

Treatment of Hernia

If you are living with a hernia, you must seek medical advice as there is no way it will simply go away. Surgery is always required to repair a hernia. Hernia surgeons in Fort Worth, Texas perform Robotic or Laparoscopic Surgery which requires small incisions to be made near the hernia site. This means minimum surgery time, quicker recovery, and a reduced risk of complications.

Wrap Up

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