Gastric sleeve surgery can be life-changing for those who are unable to lose weight despite dieting and exercise. The surgery involves surgically reducing the size of the stomach, which in turn, reduces the patient’s food intake capacity and the production of hunger causing hormones. The result is faster and sustainable weight loss and a notable improvement in the overall quality of life. Though gastric sleeve surgery is an effective weight loss procedure, patients also need to play their part to get enduring results. On that note, we present an overview of what to expect before and after the procedure. Read on.

Before the Surgery

Before a patient undergoes minimally invasive gastric sleeve surgery, they are required to follow a 2-week pre-operative liver shrinkage diet. This is done to allow the laparoscopic surgery to be performed safely and effectively. Some patients may also be advised to attend a local support group, as it allows them to interact with other patients to find out what lies ahead in their weight loss journey, and make an informed decision about the choice of weight loss procedure.

After the Surgery

After the procedure, the patient spends some time in the recovery area, during which the doctor and nursing team keep a check on possible issues until the patient is awake and stable enough to be transferred to a room or ward. Patients are generally advised to start moving or walking as soon as possible – usually about 2 hours after surgery. Some patients may also be advised to wear compression socks or stockings and/or compression boots to encourage blood circulation. Patients are drinking within hours in most cases.

The Final Word

Gastric sleeve surgery is a highly effective weight loss procedure with little to no side effects, provided the patient follows the instructions of their doctor and dietician. If you or someone you know has been trying to lose weight without much success, speak with the experts at DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery of Dallas to find out the possibility of a minimally invasive weight loss procedure. For a no-obligation consultation, book an appointment online or simply call 469-620-0222. If you have any other questions, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.