Obalon Balloon

The Obalon weight loss procedure is the only non-surgical, swallowable, FDA approved procedure for those who are unable to lose weight despite their best efforts. The team at DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery (DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery) in Dallas led by Dr. Sachin Kukreja is specialized in the procedure and has helped numerous people get back in shape with expert-supervised diet and exercise programs. Continuing on the subject, we present on overview of the Obalon weight loss procedure and what to expect from it.

How it Works

The entire Obalon Balloon treatment takes about six months; however, the whole program duration is around 12 months. Three gas-filled balloons stay in your stomach for the initial six months following which you need to follow a proper exercise and dietary program. You are the perfect candidate for this procedure if you are an adult 22 years or older and have a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 30 and 40. Obalon Balloon is not right for you if you have undergone stomach surgeries earlier or have a BMI above 40.
Three intragastric balloons are inserted which occupy space in your stomach and make you feel full faster. This ultimately decreases your food intake and assists in your weight loss process. The first Obalon Balloon is placed at the beginning of your treatment, followed by the second balloon after one month. At last, the final one is placed after 2-3 months at the beginning of your treatment. All the balloons stay in your stomach for another three months, amounting to a total treatment duration of six months.
Every balloon is folded in a capsule with an attached catheter, and you need to follow the following process for each balloon:

  • You will swallow the capsule with a glass of water while your health practitioner will hold onto the catheter so that it remains outside.
  • Post swallowing, the doctor will perform an xray to make sure the capsule is safe inside your stomach.
  • Using the catheter, the balloon is inflated with gas.
  • The catheter is then removed from your mouth, and you proceed with your regular activities.

What to Expect

The procedure hardly takes 10-15 minutes and do not require any sedation. Upon completion of six months, your physician will remove all the balloons with an endoscopy. The removal process takes around 15 minutes, and light sedation will be provided to you.
After the removal of all the three balloons from your stomach, you must follow the proper diet and exercise plan recommended by your dietician for at least the next six months. The results of Obalon weight loss procedure varies individually and depends on your dedication towards the diet and exercise plan.

Wrap Up

Summing up, the Obalon Balloon System is right for you if you are able to commit to the one-year treatment plan, which includes significant diet and lifestyle modifications. The procedure is non-invasive and should be performed by Obalon-trained physicians only. Connect with one of the Obalon specialists at DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery by booking your appointment online, or call 469-620-0222.