Weight Regain After Gastric Bypass & What Can Be Done About It

Gastric bypass is one of the most common types of bariatric surgeries that can promote approximately 60-70 percent of weight loss post procedure. Despite these staggering numbers, some individuals notice weight regain years after surgery due to many factors such as a slip in diet and exercise routine or other post-surgical issues. To cope with increasing weight, individuals must make all the necessary changes in their lifestyle required to promote weight loss and talk to an experienced weight loss specialist who can help them get rid of complications, if any, and lead a healthy life. Continuing further, we discuss what can be done to deal with weight gain after gastric bypass. Read on.

Non Surgical Methods

Maintain a Food Journal

One of the most common recommendations given after weight loss surgery is to keep an eye on daily calorie intake. Individuals who have undergone gastric bypass (or any weight loss procedure) should keep a written record of how much they eat each day to get a more concrete sense of their daily meals and calorie intake. This way, they will identify the potential issues that are leading to weight gain. In case weight gain persists despite following all the prescribed practices, it is advisable to immediately consult with the weight loss doctor.

Opt for Nutritional Counselling

Individuals who have undergone gastric bypass will have regular follow-ups with a nutritionist to keep a track of what they are eating, what changes they need to make in their diet, and how much calories they should intake in a day. If the weight regain doesn’t come to a halt, consulting with a nutritional counselor will help solidify the diet plan and highlight the areas that are triggered weight gain despite undergoing the procedure.

Join a Support Group

One of the most important factors that can promote healthy weight loss after gastric bypass is staying positive and happy. People undergoing weight loss surgery should join a bariatric surgery support group to get invaluable resources and suggestions on managing weight after the procedure from people sharing the same experiences. This way they can find out a multitude of solutions to stay healthy and stay positive towards their weight loss journey.

Revisional Surgery

Sometimes, the root of problems causing weight regain cannot be dealt with by non-surgical treatments alone. In such cases, opting for a revisional bariatric surgery can reverse the complications of the initial procedure and promote healthy weight loss. Weight loss doctors will analyse key factors such as the BMI, weight gain percentage after the procedure, and other health complications, before making the final call. Please note that revisional weight loss surgery does not guarantee weight loss in all cases. If you do not witness any change after the procedure, talk to your surgeon who may take other measures to understand the root cause of the problem and guide accordingly.

The Final Word

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