Stomach Intestinal Pylorus Sparing (SIPS) surgery is one of the more recent procedures to emerge in the bariatric surgery space. Developed in 2013 in the USA, it is a modified version of the duodenal switch surgery. Despite being a recent entrant, SIPS weight loss surgery has found widespread recognition among patients fighting obesity because of its extraordinary results.

SIPS Weight Loss Surgery in Dallas is performed by highly experienced surgeons at DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery.

What is the SIPS Procedure?

SIPS surgery is a minimally invasive, two-part procedure that causes a reduced stomach size and decreased food absorption. During the first part of the surgery, doctors remove a large portion of the stomach, leaving behind a thin tube-like pouch. They take care to preserve the functionally critical parts of the stomach, like the antrum (lower portion of the stomach where the food mixes with gastric juice), the pylorus (opening between the stomach and the small intestine), and the nerves that govern stomach functions. The second part of the surgery helps bypass about half of the upper small intestine to decrease the number of calories absorbed by the patient. To achieve bypass, create a loop, which causes food to land in that part of the small intestine that secrets hunger-reducing hormones.

Advantages of SIPS Procedure

The increasing popularity of SIPS can be attributed to various advantages that it has over other bariatric procedures. These include:

1. Significant Weight Loss

Due to the reduced stomach size, patients tend to feel full with much smaller quantities of food after surgery. Additionally, the portion of the stomach removed during the SIPS procedure is responsible for secreting the hunger-causing hormone ghrelin. Due to this, SIPS leads to a reduction in appetite. The decreased amount of food consumed, combined with a decline in the number of calories absorbed, helps patients reduce a notable amount of excess weight.

2. Retention of Normal Stomach Function

SIPS procedure does not alter the stomach function, which means that patients can enjoy a relatively normal diet after surgery. This also helps to overcome the risk of “dumping”, which is a syndrome that occurs when food gets dumped from the stomach to the small intestine without getting digested. The procedure also presents a lesser risk of complications like ulcers and obstruction.

3. Resolution of Obesity-driven Health Problems

Not only does SIPS lead to exceptional weight loss results, it also helps patients deal with associated health problems. Research shows that SIPS is particularly helpful in resolving weight-related health issues like diabetes and hypertension.

Wrap Up

The increasing popularity of SIPS can be attributed to its exceptional results which help many attain their weight loss goals. If you are looking for experts in the SIPS procedure in Dallas Fort Worth, look no further than DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery. The team of surgeons at the centre are highly experienced in performing SIPS procedure in Dallas and will guide you through your journey to better health. Book an appointment or call 469-620-0222 today!