Can Metabolic Testing Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

If you are trying your best to lose weight and get in shape but aren’t seeing any results, chances are your action plan is not aligned with the way your metabolism works. Learning more about your body and your metabolism can help you tailor your weight loss plans for the best results. DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery gives you access to one of the best metabolic testing centers in Dallas if you wish to get expert help. In today’s post, we examine how metabolic testing can be used as a tool to help you tailor your nutrition and exercise regime to improve your fitness and physical condition.

The Importance Of Metabolism in Weight Loss

Your body’s metabolism defines the rate at which your organism converts calories, obtained from food, into energy that is used to power your body’s vital functions and activity. Your ability to burn calories is greatly impacted by your metabolic rate. Metabolism can be altered by a variety of factors including hormones, age, gender, body weight, and composition. In some cases, metabolic changes or a slow metabolism are the culprits behind the lack of progress in many patients’ experience in their fitness goals.

Metabolic Testing and Weight Loss Goals

Knowing how the body’s metabolism works makes it easy to understand why it helps to tailor your weight loss plan to your metabolic rate. Metabolic testing helps you get a clear picture of how your metabolism works.

How does metabolic testing work?

First of all, you need to make an appointment with a metabolic testing center. To properly prepare for your metabolic testing appointment, avoid eating 4 hours prior to the visit, exercising, and consuming stimulants such as caffeine. Once you arrive for your testing, you will be asked to sit and breathe into a mouthpiece for 10 minutes. A device will measure how much oxygen your body consumes. This is important as oxygen consumption is directly related to metabolism and the way the body’s cells transform calories into energy. After this short test, data on your metabolic efficiency is made available.

How to take advantage of metabolic testing?

Eating over your caloric maintenance results in weight gain. To lose weight, you’ll need to consume less calories than what your body can burn. The only way to accurately do this is by figuring out how many calories you really burn on a daily basis. Our metabolic testing center in Dallas helps you get this vital information.

Once you get your metabolic profile, your doctor will be able to design an individualized program that will help you to reach and maintain your ideal weight. Metabolic testing also helps patients get optimum results through non-surgical weight loss options.

Bottom Line

When it comes to weight loss, understanding how your body works is a potent tool to burn calories and lose fat. Science-backed fitness programs are not only more efficient but also more reliable and safe. DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery’ metabolic testing center can help you know your metabolic rate and figure out the best non-surgical weight loss approach. For more information on personalized non-surgical weight loss options or to book an appointment, call 469-620-0222 or write to us at [email protected].