Gastric Bypass Surgery

Going in for a weight loss surgery requires immense resolve and mental strength. While a lot of pre-surgery effort are needed to normalize the patient’s medical parameters and mentally preparing them for the surgery; a larger bearing on the outcome is held by the quality of postoperative care, diet and lifestyle. Each type of weight loss surgery has its own post-surgery care, activity, and nutrition requirements, which depends on the science behind the procedure. Gastric bypass surgery, for instance, involves dividing the stomach into an upper and lower pouch to limit the patient’s food intake capacity, which leads to weight loss. Continuing on the subject, in this blog post, we provide some post surgery care tips to help you get optimum results through gastric bypass. Read on.


After the surgery, you will have to consume nutrition in liquid form and slowly graduate to soft foods in 2-4 weeks, as advised by your surgeon. Additionally, it is important to chew your food well to aid digestion. You also must restrict your meals to small portions to not put too much pressure on the reconstructed stomach.

Activity Level

It is important to have active lifestyle to aid recovery. In the first week post-surgery, your medical expert will advise you to walk around the house at a slow pace and even use the stairs. However, do exercise caution. Do not lift anything heavy, or exert your body. It is also advisable to remain off the driving wheel for at least until you are on your pain medication. The specifics on all these timelines must be followed based on your doctor’s instructions.


Your doctor may advise you to go on pain medication in order to reduce the pain. This may bring with it fatigue, nausea, and dizziness. Allow your body that period of rest and recuperation while ensuring you do not partake in activities that require you to be completely mentally alert.

Wound Care

Post your gastric bypass in Fort Worth TX, do ensure that you dress your wound periodically. This may range from everyday activity to alternate day requirements as time passes. Ensure to not wear clothing that is uncomfortable or tight. Opt for light and cotton fabrics that are skin-friendly. In addition, stay away from tub baths, swimming, and any other rigorous water activity until allowed by your doctor. If you feel the onset of a sneeze or a bout of cough, press a pillow on your incision to reduce the pressure on it when you sneeze or cough.

Wrap Up

After gastric bypass, make sure you do the necessary follow-ups with your dietician and surgeon to track your progress as well as magnify the benefits of your surgery by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle. If you have any questions about gastric bypass surgery or any other bariatric procedure, speak with the experts at DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery of Dallas. Book an appointment online or simply call 469-620-0222.