Answering Commonly Asked Questions about Gastric Bypass Surgery

Bariatric Surgery Dallas

A large number of people around the world are paying the price for obesity. A disease like any other, except its worn on the outside, it not only restricts a person’s ability to carry our daily tasks, it also increases the risk of various life-threatening disorders such as type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems, hypertension, and sleep […]

Gastric Bypass Surgery: Post-Surgery Care Tips

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Going in for a weight loss surgery requires immense resolve and mental strength. While a lot of pre-surgery effort are needed to normalize the patient’s medical parameters and mentally preparing them for the surgery; a larger bearing on the outcome is held by the quality of postoperative care, diet and lifestyle. Each type of weight […]

Answering Commonly Asked Questions about Gastric Bypass in Fort Worth TX

The Dallas-Fort Worth area in TX is known for having some of the most sumptuous food in the US, including chili cook-offs and the Tex-Mex-style feasts. Most of the food here has also been known to be notorious for contributing to obesity. That explains the ever-increasing number of people looking for gastric bypass in Fort […]

A Brief Guide to Prepare for Gastric Bypass Surgery

Losing weight on your own can be difficult once your BMI crosses 35, and the challenge can be steeper if you also have any comorbid condition. While you can try losing weight by exercising and making dietary and lifestyle changes, if nothing works, you can always count on gastric bypass surgery. That’s when you need […]