4 Types of Surgeries Performed by General Surgeons

A general surgeon is a specialist who is trained to manage a broad spectrum of surgical conditions affecting almost all areas of the body. Besides establishing diagnosis and administering preoperative, operative, and post-operative care to patients, a general surgeon is often responsible for the management of trauma victims and critically ill patients. All surgeons start […]

Looking for a General Surgeon Fort Worth? Here’s How to Proceed

General Surgeon Dallas TX

A general surgeon is a type of doctor who is trained and certified to prescribe and perform general surgeries. All surgeons start their initial training in general surgery and then go on to specialize in other specialties. One must, therefore, might want to consider the specialty that their condition requires before consulting a general surgeon […]

5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Undergoing Surgery

Whether you are undergoing a minimally invasive or a traditional, open surgery, learning everything about the procedure, risks involved, and postop care is important before going under the knife. If you are experiencing any symptoms that have not shown improved after nonsurgical treatments, consult the general surgeons at DFW Bariatrics and General Surgery. While at […]

Understanding the 5 Dietary Stages After Weight Loss Surgery


Weight loss surgery is commonly referred to as bariatric surgery. Although most patients clear their doubts regarding the procedure, they sometimes overlook the concerns related to postoperative lifestyle changes, with one of the most significant changes a patient needs to make being dietary changes. In this blog post, we cover five dietary stages every patient […]

Answering 5 FAQs about General Surgical Procedures


General surgeries are performed for correcting digestive abnormalities related to a patient’s liver, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, small bowel, colon, gallbladder, appendix, bile ducts, or thyroid gland. From weight-loss surgeries to removal of the appendix, all procedures fall under the category of general surgeries. If you too are experiencing any digestive problems and looking for a […]